Tire Repair – Do it Yourself

A do-it-yourself tire repair can be possible. If you know what to do and if you have what you need, then repairing a tire need not be a very hard task for you.

Here are simple do it yourself steps for a flat tire repair.

1. Deflated tires, in order to be evaluated easily must be removed form the car. When doing this, make sure that you set the emergency brake or you have placed a wedge under the tires to keep it from moving.

2. Find the object that has caused the deflation. Before removing it, making sure that it has been properly marked so when the object is removed, you will be able to spot it right away. Sometimes, there is more than one piercing that is causing the deflation. You can find it by pouring the inflated tire with a soapy water solution. You will find leaks once there will be bubbles due to the air escaping Read more.

3. Fix a tire either by patching or plugging. Patching is done by the tire shop. This involves placing an internal patch in the hole of the tire. Plugging is done to temporally repair the tire. You will need a tire repair kit for this. Remove the object that has pierced the tire. Make sure it has been marked. Then take a rasp tool to roughen the edges of the hole. Insert the plug coated with cement. About 1/2of the plug must be visible. Then, pull the insertion tool. This should have left the plug in the hole.

You can repair a deflated tire caused by a puncture on the tread (or the part that comes in contact with the pavement). But if the tire has been thoroughly blown out, lacerated, or has pronounced damage then this is the time you have to pass. These instances require professional tire repair.

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