Newbies Learning SEO

The first thing you need to know when learning SEO is that when the building is not a very quick process. When newbies start out in SEO the hardest thing is knowing where to begin. There is so much information out on the web about link building and SEO you can easily be overwhelmed because of so much misinformation. You are not required to be an expert in this field and that’s what leads to so much of the problem.

If you were to conduct a search online for the term SEO you would find that there were more than 710 million searches alone for that keyword. That would confuse the new and the more advanced of us that work in understanding SEO. You will also find that what you get in terms of the results vary widely in terms of what information you give you. The first place you want to start when you’re learning and SEO is to really focus on the terminology.

When it comes SEO jargon or terminology there are many terms to familiarize yourself with. Among those terms are anchor text, keywords, algorithm, SERPS and of course becoming familiar with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now getting to the basics of this, if we look at keywords per se… these are simply words or phrases that you want to focus on for the purpose of getting ranked. Moving forward the learn seo online keywords are also directly linked to what we call anchor text. Anchor text is more or less a website that is linked to a word or phrase that when someone clicks on that anchor text that person is led to your page or website. Now I know that might sound confusing but in reality is a very simple concept. Quite frankly you as an Internet user do this every day and so many others like you.

Not even though I moved into the concept of anchor text and keywords it is very important to understand the search engines. When I mentioned the phrase search engines we are talking specifically about Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you learn to play nice with the search engines they will be a wonderful asset. However if you don’t learn how to play with them you’ll find that ranking online will be a very difficult journey. As you learn SEO you’ll need to understand the importance of how the search engines will impact your overall goal in trying to learn SEO and link build online.

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