Experimenting With The Vintage Retro Look

Redecorating the kitchen can be fun, as one can experiment with different colors, tiles and furniture. It’s the place where the women spend most of their time, so it compulsorily be the best room. It can rightly be compare to the heart of the home.

Owing to its growing popularity, giving a vintage or retro look to your kitchen can definitely be worth a try. A little extra effort can make it the center of attraction for all your visitors.

Factors like tiles, window treatment and kitchen accessories should be given more importance while decorating the kitchen. To make it more exiting, try the vintage look for your kitchen. This look can be acquired by using color combinations of cream and green, red and white, or even use vintage tile to give the desired effect. A little more variation in the combination like harvest gold or avocado green and orange color scheme can help you create the 70’s retro effect.

Windows play a very important role in creating a particular vintage retro look for a room. It is impossible to attain the vintage look without using vintage curtain, they are not too expensive or hard to find. If you are a bit creative you can create them on your own with the help of tablecloths and dishtowels.

Decorative accessories like dishtowels, tablecloth and mainly items like stainless steel canisters, breadboxes, plates and metal canister sets painted in powder blue, plain pink or cherries print can help you create that look. With the help of these items you can create the feel without making much changes. These vintage items can be found at yard sales or Antique dealers

You could use the kitchen walls as a canvas to display your vintage collections. You can either hang them directly on the wall or randomly place them on shelves, but make sure that it looks good or else it will upset the whole setting. You can experiment with different shapes and patterns.

Vintage items are hard to find and hence bit expensive, but with a little bargaining you can make a good collection. With the right stuff on hand and little imagination you can create the classic vintage look.

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