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American Girl dolls are not just lovely toys for kids and women of all ages but they are authentic collectibles of historical girls living in different eras, living different lives and represents the diverse culture of America since 1974 until today. American Girl dolls generally have a story to tell. In every character comes a colorful story of events where that particular girl shares the most precious pieces of her memories and highlights the wonderful story of her life.

The American Doll characters originates from a wide range of “American” experiences across the more than 200 years of American history. American Girl dolls like Kaya, the Native American in 1764. Addy, the escaped slave in 1864 and Kit, the Midwesterner in the Great Depression. These are just some of the many other historical characters who were reborn in their doll form.

The dolls are perfect gifts this Christmas especially for girls between eight to twelve years old. Getting a really nice doll with the American Girl would be an awesome surprise for your niece and other relatives if you can afford to get one. If you are planning to purchase an American Girl, I encourage you to buy at online doll shops to get extra savings on discount prices. But just to be sure, you can visit the doll official website and look for outlet stores nearby. All American Girls outlet stores accept returns only on items purchased at the outlet. All refunds will be based on the price listed on the customer’s receipt or the current selling price if a receipt is not available.

If you can’t find the doll’s outlets around your area, there are many reliable online shops that offers genuine and used American dolls. eBay and Amazon are two of the biggest online merchant shops in the web and you will surely find dolls of all brands including cheap american girl dolls. Dolls for sale on these sites are generally cheaper if you compare its actual price out of a catalog. If you can’t afford to buy brand new American Girls, these are the perfect place to shop and compare prices. The best thing of purchasing dolls online is getting discount coupons that offers either doll’s accessories, free shipping and American Doll clothes. You can even get a brand new doll for free if you get lucky.

American Girls currently have five categories of dolls to fit every girl and build a bond that helps girls grow as they play and imagine together.

1. Bitty Baby
2. Bitty Twins
3. Historical Characters
4. Girl of the Year
5. Just Like you

There are also new items found on the catalog including accessories like the Starry Doll Carrier in Doll Care, the Bitty Baby’s starter collection featuring outfits, a blanket, and more.

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