Building Management: How to Find a Building Management Company

Nothing leaves customers – new and potential – with an impression about your business quite like the way it looks. Customers heavily judge your operation by the appearance of your business, so it’s critical to ensure your commercial property looks its absolute best.

But, you’ve got to stay focused on keeping your business running smoothly. How can you get your building’s or property’s appearance to its absolute best, without having to sacrifice your valuable time? One of the best ways is to hire a building management company to handle all aspects of cleanliness.

When looking, however, how do you know what to vet these companies for? It’s important to make sure whoever you hire to oversee your facility management needs is going to do the best job possible, and not leave your property unkempt and possibly cause a loss of business.

Keep the following in mind when looking to hire a building management company:


Contacting current (and past) customers about the company is a great way to screen out the unscrupulous building maintenance companies. Find out why current customers remain with them, and why previous clients left them. Taking the time to do this can tell you things about the company you might not find in their promotional materials.

Check out their work

Ask potential candidates if you can take a look at other facilities they’ve cleaned. Look to see whether the property is clean, or if there are areas that could use improvement. Developments London Check the conditions of offices and bathrooms, and learn what areas the company excels in and what areas they could better themselves on.


Doing a search for the company on Google, Yahoo! or Bing might bring up a few things you may have not otherwise known about. Online reviews will give you a good link into the companies’ relationship with their customers, and whether they met customer expectations. If they didn’t, many reviews will detail why and what went wrong.

By doing these three simple things, you’re sure to find the perfect company to handle your facility management needs. Whoever your final pick, make sure they are fully licensed and bonded, and screen potential employees through drug tests and background checks.

A building management company may be a bit of an expense, but contracting with one will save you more than it would to do the work yourself. Be careful in your selection, and choose whoever you think will do the best job.

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